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Selling Tips

3 easy steps to selling your home

  1. Choose a local Real Estate Agent. Professionals are independently owned real estate businesses, with Agents who know their local areas and know the people who make up the community. When you choose to work with Professionals, you benefit from all the advantages offered by a fully networked real estate group, and receive the individual attention and responsibility provided by a privately owned, local business. Should you choose not to work with Professionals, ensure that you have done your research on your Agent.
  2. We’ll help you choose the best way to sell your home. To successfully sell a home it’s important to have a sound knowledge of the local real estate market. We’ll help you decide on a realistic value for your home, based on actual market activity in your area and we’ll guide you through the preparation for presentation to the market. We’ll work with you to plan the best mix of marketing activity to attract buyers to your home. Signs, Internet, office displays, press or maybe a catalogue all help to sell your home.
  3. We’ll help you customise your own marketing plan. You’ll be shown marketing plans from which we’ll help you customise one to suit the property and your budget. It’s also your choice how to sell your home. We’ll discuss with you the best method the suits you and the property – For Sale or Auction. It’s our job to make the sale of your home a rewarding experience.

Contact your local Professionals Agent for your free Pathway to Selling booklet or download your free copy today.

Selling tips

Tips on getting your property ready for sale.

You’ve taken your real estate agent’s advice to make your house more sellable.

So what do you need to do before you declare your home open to the public? Here are some home staging tips to help drive up the interest in your home:

Clean it up

An open house should be a clean house. Clean your home from top to bottom, and make sure all appliances are spotless. Steam-clean carpets and drapes, scrub kitchen and bathroom tiles, and wash floors, walls, windows, ceilings and trim. Clean around tubs and sinks, removing water stains.

This is also a good time to spray for bugs if you suspect you have an infestation.

Dispose and de-clutter

Potential buyers like to see lots of space when viewing a property. Get rid of anything that you don’t need.

Consider pulling up old carpets or removing area rugs if they’re covering hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are a big selling point for buyers. Clear kitchen and bathroom countertops.

It pays to reorganise

Tidy up cabinets, and neatly store toys, books and knick-knacks to maximize space. Reorganise the closets and pack away some of your belongings. Storage room is a priority for buyers, and a full closet does a poor job of showcasing the amount of storage room available.

If you’ve been using a spare room for storage, put away the clutter and ensure the space is properly furnished. Limit the number of items stored on the closet floor or overhead.

De-personalise and detach your emotions

Remember, you’re about to sell this house, and the goal is to create a space that as many people as possible can envision as their home. To do that, you will have to remove many of your personal items. Avoid displaying photos, souvenirs, personal collections and medications.

Secure valuables, or consider storing them in a safety deposit box at the bank. Remove any items you’re taking with you, such as chandeliers and mirrors.

Furnish empty houses and rooms

While creating the illusion of space is important for house staging, too much empty space can work against you. People buy homes, not houses. Empty rooms make it hard for buyers to get a good sense of the space: large rooms look cavernous, and small rooms look even smaller when empty. Oddly shaped rooms make it especially hard for buyers to visualize how to arrange furniture.

Staging your property with the right furniture is key to ensuring buyers can imagine living in the space, especially with smaller units. Arrange your furniture to make rooms appear as spacious as possible.

Kick up the curb appeal

Staging should start at the curb. If you haven’t already, get your lawn, porch or entryway looking pristine. Apply a fresh coat of paint to doors, shutters and siding if possible, and plant or display colourful flowers. The more inviting the outside of your home, the more excited people will be to see the inside.


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